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All About Us

Dogs have been with me since childhood and have been a personal passion. From early childhood our family had St Bernard’s, Afghan’s, Dachshunds, and Golden Retrievers. Today in my own family we have had Golden Retrievers, Dachshunds, and most recently we acquired “Max”, an English or Cream Golden from a very reputable breeder in Vancouver Wa.

It was through this interaction that I began to get involved in the world of service/therapy dogs as they sent some of their dogs into the service industry helping returned veterans with PTSD. We have volunteered and raised several foster puppies in support of this service dog program and through this leaned and experienced first hand all about the Australian LabraDoodle breed. Their intelligence, companionship, demeanor, and hypo-allergenic coat make them exceptional service/therapy dogs and also exceptional family members as well. I fell in love with the breed…

In March of 2021, we added Chico to our family and will be selectively breeding her to bring this wonderful breed into lives and homes around us. Having experienced first hand the joy these dogs can bring into a home, our goal is to share that with others. We continue to raise service dog foster puppies and plan to allocate some of our dogs into the program.

- Nachi



Moonlit Acres Chico 

DOB:05 Jan 2021

WALA: 00062912

ALAA : ALAA-107810

Color : Chocolate 

Coat : Fleece   

Coat Pattern :  Solid w/ White  Marking 

Size : Mini    Weight : 20#

AKC CGC Certified - Good Canine Citizen 


HD Vet : Good 

Clinical Eyetest : Unaffected

Expected Litter: Late Spring/Early Summer 2023

Location: Portland Oregon   

20 Minutes from PDX 

Meet Our Girls


Sweet Summer Dream Spy x  Family

DOB : 10/24/2023 

WALA: 00087081


Color: Chocolate

Coat : Fleece 

Coat Pattern :  Solid w/ White  Marking 

Weight: 20#’s 

Height : 15

Health Clearance 

    Hip and Elbow : pending 

    Eye CEAR : Normal 2023

    Genetic clear : PRA, PRCD, 

    VWD, Dm, EIC

AKC CGC certified: Pending

Anya is very sweet , just like milk chocolate.

She is confident and very playful yet calm. 

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